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helps managing your academics details and share among valuable person. We are empowering the path of education system to get better outcomes.

Cloud that talks

eduCloud is cloud based educational application that can be accessed from anywhere , any time. Cloud that connects you to your valuable person.

Go paperless

Plan your academics with us. Save papers , save trees and save the world and make it a better place.


Cloud, where education meets technology to help teachers work efficiently.

Set Up in just 30 minutes!!!

30-minutes that can change your way of planning & communicating your academics. Set Up your entire school management system in just 30 minutes.

eduCloud is a highly scalable education platform where schools can manage their academics without any infrastructure or manpower.

A smart platform where schools can quickly transform there manual & scattered data to the cloud to kick start thier academics on the web & smart phones.

School data can be accessed by Teachers, Parents and Students any time, any where.

eduCloud automates core academic processes which can be adapted without intensive training.

Collaborative Learning

Schools @ Smart phone


Schedule school events and notify everyone.


Forget pen and paper. Manage your class and subject attendance through your smart phone.


Manage your homework through your smart phone.


Manage your complex examination system and results.


Manage your timetable dynamically and save time.


Connect with your school teachers, parents and students through the app.


Forget the diary, track your holidays from your smart phone.

Stay In Touch

Keep yourself updated with day to day school activities.


Experience a dynamic, efficient and fast way to communicate.


View and manage your academic results.

Efficient Academics

Collaborate eduCloud is a the next generation collaboration cloud app.

Communication The most advanced way to collaborate and communicate daily homework to Parents & Students.

Attendance Manage your academic attendance effortlessly.

Timetable Manage your academic timetable in the most dynamic way.

Homework The most advanced way to collaborate and communicate daily homeworks to Parent & Student.

Exam Manage your complex examinations, grades, results and reports.

Student Report Card Track student's progress on the click.

Drive Centralized document storage with controlled access rights.

Payment Gateway Now, parents can pay online.



Highly scalable cloud solutions.

Android Application

Access your school from your smart phone.

Sign In

No need to remember ID and password.


Manage your most complex examination system


Collaborate your day to day homework in advanced ways.


Track students progress reports on click.

Payment Gateway

Ask your parents to pay online.


Centralize document management with access control.


The most advanced ways for real time communication.

Easily Connect

Access your schools from anywhere, any time.


Save paper, save trees and make the earth green.


Extended support for our valuable customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I get eduCloud ?

Nothing....Just click on Join button to request an instance and eduCloud team will contact you for the verification. After successfully verified you can set up your school in just 30 minutes.

Q. Can I get RFID system ?

Yes , eduCloud provides end to end integrated solutions for the RFID system.

Q. Do I get personalize accounts ?

Yes , eduCloud provides the personalized accounts for all teachers , parents and students.

Q. Can I get customize reports ?

Yes , you can request for your customized reports.

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