Student Performance Tool

Day by Day Student progress with patterns & evidence based Student performance tracking

Assignment Summary

  • One place Assignment status, review & history
  • Life long access to Students's Assignment portfolio
Assignment Summary
Student Result

Student Result

  • Handly alwayse all exam results : Mark, Grade, Persenge & Percentile
  • Comparative Subject perfomance Anaytics : Favriot Subject & Under performing subject
  • The analysis of exmination results as a prerequisite for imporved teaching

Student Progress Graph

  • Timebase student perfomance anaytics
  • Comparative Student perfomance with Class
  • Day by Day Student perfomance tracking
Progress Graph
Exam Comment

Exam Comment

  • Student Performance & Qulity Feedback
  • Refer Teacher's comments about exam performance
  • eduCloud welcomes these comments as part of our continuous improvement process

Student Academic Reports

Academic reports provides an analysis and evaluation of the current and prospective exam results of student.

Student's all year report history & access

Student Academic Report

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