Automative transport management

GPS and AI based real time tracking and notifications solves major communication gaps

Transport Dashboard

Transport Dashboard

EduCloud provide an interactive transport dashboard where user can create and manage trips.


Trip and bus management

  • Manage Trip and Bus Details
  • Manage Trip members
  • Running Trips Management

Driver and Attendant management

  • Assign and remove driver to trip
  • Assign and remove attendant to trip

Transport in mobile App

Parent and Student can access their Trip details right from their Smart Phone.

  • GPS based bus tracking
  • Exact pickup and drop points on Map
  • Notifications for late running trip
  • Auto reminder for updated trip timings
transport in mobile
transport in mobile
Manage Trip

Manage Trip schedule for specific date

Flexible trip schedule on situations like exam, event, extra lecture etc.

  • Quick and easy temporary or permanent schedule change

Members Management


  • Add members in trip
  • Remove members from trip
  • Invite members using SMS and email
Trip Detail
Add Trip Point

Map based trip route design

Automatic time management of trip points

  • Design trip route using map
  • Visualize trip route, sequence and timings on map
  • Define exact pickup and drop location
  • Suggested time between points as per route and traffic
  • Assign and remove member to specific trip point

GPS tracking

Powerful GPS based real-time tracking systems helps admin, students and parents to track their trips, current location and routes.

Our solution integrates with robust and reliable NFC Device that enables parents to have complete knowledge and ensure pick up and drop students by notification.

Running Trip

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