Attendance Analytics

Realtime tracking of Attendacne and processing Millions of Records to generate actionable insides

How attendance analytics data can help ?

Save hundreds of hours to prepare attendance summary and get list of Students who have short attendance. Digital Attendance system helps you to have real-time, efficient & transparent system to improve your decision making process.

attendance graph

Mark Attendance

  • Intuitive and user friendly interface for taking Attendance
  • Select students by either auto completion or list
  • Dynamically mapped Timetable
  • Take Attendance with or without Internet
  • Real-time Notifications
  • Simple UI to mark student Absent/Present

attendance at web

Mark attendance @ Mobile App

Now take your attendance online/offline from the smart phone.

attendance in mobile
attendance in mobile

Track Attendance

  • Smart calendar view which exhibits Absent count
  • Simple way of managing Attendance in calendar
  • Easily modifiable Attendance view
  • Auto sync feature for data consistency
  • Superior view for tracking the Attendance
  • Dynamically mapping of Timetable with Attendance

class attendance at web class attendance at web
  • Yearly Reports
  • Monthly Reports
  • Class Average Report
  • Student Attendance Reports
  • Real-Time summary
  • Overlook at attendance
  • Auto notification mail
  • Student absent notification to parents

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